What Is Project Assurance?

Project Assurance is a discipline that provides an objective, independent oversight of the performance of major projects and often works with boards, investors and other stakeholders to provide assurance that the project is meeting it’s performance criteria.

The importance of Project Assurance is a response to the increasing complexity of major projects and the challenges that this complexity raises. The service provides confidence to stake holders and project teams and aims to reduce the risks inherent when new technologies, or high capital projects are undertaken.

Project Assurance relies on the experience and expertise of the consultant team who provides technical, contractual and strategic intelligence to audit the structure and plans of the project in order to create a forecast that investigates the different areas of the project including:

  • Technical
  • Professional
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Financial
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Management

Project assurance is particularly well suited for projects with a major financial decision point beyond which revisions become exceptionally expensive.

Project Assurance Consultants typically are engaged by Board of Directors, Investors and work closely with the project teams.

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