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It’s your most important project, but it’s way behind schedule.  Even worse, no one knows when it will be done, nor do they know why it fell behind or how to fix it.  Feeling more than a little uneasy? It may be time for project recovery services by Stone+Partners.

Stone+Partners quickly evaluate your project’s current state and help you to make the best decision about how to move forward.  Our Project Recovery process is outlined below

The Recovery Process

Using interviews, project plans, status reports and other project artifacts, we start our project recovery by comparing the project’s intended goals with its current and expected progress to provide an objective “State of the Project” Report. This is shared with key decision-makers so that you can notify other key parties and begin to discuss options with our team.

Based on conversations with you and your key stakeholders, our team of project recovery specialists prepares a set of possible responses to recover the project. We advise you of all your options, risks and opportunities, and you select one of the responses, suggest changes or modifications, and authorize our next step.

With a potential solution to your troubled project in hand, we develop a detailed plan to restart, recover, re-scope or retire the project, recommending changes to the people, process, structure and purpose of the project within the plan. Our team then implements the Response Plan, providing you with regular status reports on progress toward implementing the plan.

With the Response Plan implemented and the project in a stable state, the Stone+Partners team transitions the project over to the leadership you have selected, monitoring the project thereafter to ensure successful transition. If the project was retired, we provide a report that confirms the retirement is complete

So that your organization can learn from mistakes of the past, our Rapid Recovery team conducts a brief retrospective that identifies the causes of your troubled project. Then, we recommend possible changes in your organization to avoid future project derailments and improve overall success.

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