Project Assesment

Stone+Partners project assessment services are designed to provide insight at any stage of a project to Boards, Investors and project stakeholders.


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Baseline Project Assessment

A baseline project assessment is the first phase of our service. This is typically a two week engagement is designed to deliver an assessment report of project strengths, weaknesses, risks, and issues, as well as recommendations for next steps, corrective action, or risk mitigation. After a brief overview and planning meeting with the client project manager, we begin the assessment by reviewing available project documentation including the following:

  • Project business case, project charter, scope documents, project management plan
  • Corporate and project organization charts
  • Recent project plan and schedule
  • Project status and steering group reports
  • Project budget
  • As-is technology overview documents
  • Strategic technology plans, blueprints, or roadmaps
  • Project architecture or high level design documents
  • Selected sample project documents
  • QA and testing strategy
  • Documentation of development methodology and project governance approach

Over two or three days, we will conduct onsite interviews with key business and stakeholders, as well as more detailed onsite workshops with project leadership to review and assess the project scope, approach, progress and issues. We also interview any relevant product vendors or systems integration partners.

Equipped with an understanding of your project, our team continues the analysis offsite with follow up calls and web meetings as necessary, and compiles a report detailing our findings and recommendations, including:

  • Project Health and Status
  • Overall project approach
  • Organization and staffing
  • Budget and oversight
  • Project execution (full lifecycle)
  • Technical approach
  • Key Findings

This report is complete and ready for a read-out with your team within two weeks of the onsite meetings.

Periodic Checkpoint Assessments

On larger projects, boards and investors need to know that the funding and approvals they are giving are being used correctly and that ‘fair value’ is being achieved for their investment.

As an additional option, we can also conduct periodic checkpoint assessment to help you keep the project on track to deliver business value on time and on budget.

Project checkpoints are conducted every two or three months, and provide short, actionable reports, status update and measurable assessment from the last checkpoint.

These periodic checkpoints are designed to provide surety to boards and investors but minimize impact on your project team by providing a consistent resources from our team – resources who already know the baseline project assessment, as well as the industry, technology, implementation approaches and vendors you are working with.

Board/Committee Advisor

As a further option, Stone+Partners can also serve as an independent external member of your project steering group, to provide external perspective and independent, well informed opinions when making project decisions.

As a board or committee adviser, we attend regular steering meetings as needed. We bring independent insights and alternatives and stimulate discussion to the table that may not occur with internal-only steering group participation.

This independent participation strengthens your project governance in the same way that independent directors strengthen corporate governance, providing additional assurance to your senior leadership team and corporate leaders who are counting on your project’s success.

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