Project Assessment

A baseline project assessment is the first phase of our service and is designed to deliver an assessment report of project strengths, weaknesses, risks, and issues, as well as recommendations for next steps, corrective action, or risk mitigation.

Risk Assessment

Identifying potential risk issues at an early stage is critical to the success of any project. To understand the risk that is apparent on a project exists from the initial concept and continues throughout it’s life cycle is imperative when considering any action plan

Recovery Advice

It’s your most important project, but it’s way behind schedule. Even worse, no one knows when it will be done, nor do they know why it fell behind or how to fix it. Feeling more than a little uneasy? It may be time for project recovery services by Stone+Partners.

Single Stage Audit

Our project assurance services improve the likelihood of success of major projects without significant additional expense. We improve your team’s ability to execute effectively by providing expert guidance, external perspective, and independent assessment. As a neutral third-party, we can help company leadership and project teams identify potential issues before they put the project at risk, mitigating both time and cost impacts to the overall development. At Stone+Partners, your success is our objective.

Multi Stage Audit

A Multi–Stage Audit Approach for auditing construction projects can be a valuable assurance tool, particularly for projects planned and implemented over a period of time. An audit but Stone+Partners can provide assurance by adopting a life cycle approach to the project through ‘short and sharp’ audits at key project stages. This provides immediate feedback as the implementation progresses and any areas requiring remedial action can be addressed at the time they need to be addressed.This approach can provide added assurance, identify problems as they arise, and improve outcomes.